Home Learning March to July 2020
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Welcome to: Home Learning

Please use the links above to access activities to do at home with your children.
Every class has a suggested timetable for each week which staff aim to update on a weekly basis.

Please check the homepage regularly to see the latest updates. Please also read Mr Horner's Home Learning letter here
Chesterton CE Primary School – COVID Catch-up Premium spending - November 2020 - view here
Book Reviews
Be inspired to read something new.

Send us your book reviews and upload a photo of what you've been reading - perhaps book covers or yourself reading a book.
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Chesterton Primary School
Send us details about the work you are doing at home Do something today you can be proud of
Send us a photo and details about what you have been doing - make sure you have permission from a parent or carer.
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Chesterton Primary School
Posted 2nd July
Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge: Sign up at sillysquad.org.uk.

Reading Nights Awards - letter from Mrs Salter
Posted 28th April

The book, 'Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus', can be downloaded from the Nurse Dotty Books website. It is aimed at helping younger children to understanding Coronavirus.
Posted 28th April

'Sing Up'

In our usual Singing Worship and choir sessions, we often use a resource called 'Sing Up'. The children have enjoyed singing many of the songs available, some that you would probably recognise and others that have been completely new to us. Over the past few weeks, Sing Up have now developed a 'Sing Up At Home' section, which you can access for free.

I would particularly like to direct you to the 'Virtual Choir' sections, in which you can find songs that your child may want to learn and practise. Singing Worship in school is usually a really great time of coming together and it's always a pleasure to hear the children's beautiful singing voices. I know that singing won't be everyone's 'cup of tea', but if your child is missing our weekly singing and they find singing an enjoyable activity, please have a look at the resources available. There is also a section with sign language, so they could even learn to 'sing and sign' a song if they want to.

The links are as follows:
Warm-up songs     Unison songs     Songs with parts     British Sign Language / Makaton    

If your child is feeling really inspired to sing and they would like to share a 'performance', feel free to send me a video of them singing - I would love to hear it! We may even have some sort of virtual 'Talent Contest', in which singing videos could be included!
Best wishes,
Mrs Katy Salter
Posted 28th April

A message from Gareth, the Rector:

Hello everyone! I do miss coming in to school, but I have made two short videos you may like to watch.
You'll find the links below. Watch the first one first! Then try to answer the question I have asked. Then watch the second one!
Video One Video One

After that there's a song called All in an Easter Garden. You'll find the words below and the tune on this Youtube clip:
Try and sing along to it.

All in an Easter garden,
before the break of day,
an angel came from Jesus
and rolled the stone away.
And when his friends came seeking,
with myrrh and spices rare,
they found the angels at the door,
but Jesus was not there.

All in an Easter garden,
where water lilies bloom,
the angels gave their message
beside an empty tomb:
'He is not here but come and see
the place where Jesus lay;
the Lord of life is risen indeed,
for this is Easter Day.'

Lastly, here's a prayer. You might like to say it on your own, or with your family. If you like, you could also say the Lord's Prayer together.

Dear Father, thank you for Easter-tide and Spring-time.
Thank you for all the signs of new life.
Thank you for flowers and trees, and even for the weeds!
Help us in good times and bad times to look to you.
Be close to all who suffer,
and remind us always of your great love for us,
for you know each one of us by name. Amen.

Next week Nick will be with you. Nick is our new priest. He lives in Chesterton and is looking forward to meeting you all. Bye for now. Gareth
Posted 23rd April
Download our Forest School at Home activity sheets and the My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule BookletChesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary SchoolPosted 21st April

FREE digital book about Coronavirus: download here

I hope that you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine and some time to relax over Easter. I also hope that you are all keeping well as we begin the new school term.

I have recently received the above book about Coronavirus, which came highly recommended from Helen Marchetti (School Association), and I felt that it was a resource that you may find really useful to share with your families. I found it to be very informative and pitched at just the right level for children to understand. I hope that you will find it useful in helping to answer some of the questions that will have inevitably arisen over the past few weeks.

Best wishes,
Mrs Katy Salter
Posted 2nd AprilChesterton CE Primary School

GARETH (Rector of the Akeman Benefice)

Dear everyone at Chesterton School,
It feels very strange not coming in to school and seeing your lovely smiley faces and hearing you sing! I really miss it. Today would have been our Easter and Holy Week Service at St. Mary's Church.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and finding lots to do and not annoying your parents and carers too much!

In years to come, you will look back on 2020 as that really peculiar year when our lives all changed in so many ways.

One of the really good things is that lots of people have been coming together to help each other in all our villages, and I know that many of our children have had brilliant and very imaginative ideas.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We were going to have a special outdoor service but sadly we have had to cancel it. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, in which we remember the last days of Jesus’s life and all the tough and tragic things he endured, and how he overcame them by God’s love and power working in him.

The other day I nearly threw away a plant I was given at Christmas because I thought it was dead. But just as I was about to take it to the bin I noticed some new shoots. Look at it now! (see picture).

I hope that YOU experience something of new life, hope and love, even in the middle of these very hard times.

GARETH (Rector of the Akeman Benefice)
Posted 30th March

Home Reading
Thank you to everyone who has already been in touch about the brilliant reading that has been going on at home so far. I am delighted that so many of the children are continuing to read regularly whilst not in school. We have had several children reaching their next Reading Nights milestone in the last week, and their Reading raffle tickets have been added for the next book prize draw on Friday.

It would be really great to hear all about the books that you have been reading and sharing at home, so I have arranged for a book review section to be added on the school website. You can find the page by following this link

Once you reach the page, you can write your own book review and add a picture of the book if you have one. This will be a lovely way to share you favourite books with everyone, and you might even inspire someone else to read it too! If you manage to complete a review, there will be House Points available!

Keep up the good work.....'Happy Reading'!
Best wishes
Mrs Katy Salter
Posted 23rd March

Home Reading
We would very much like to keep up with our reading awards over the coming weeks. As you will know, we award Reading Raffle tickets to children reaching the next milestone in their number of reading nights (25 nights, 50 night, 75 nights etc) and a draw is done each Friday, with the winner choosing a book prize. If your child reaches their next milestone whilst at home, please email me directly (ksalter@chesterton.oxon.sch.uk) and I will make sure that their raffle ticket is added to the draw. Each week, we will draw a winner and let you know who has won. Books prizes can be selected once we are back at school.

Share a Million Stories
We have done really well with our contribution to the 'Share a Million Stories' mission, and have already reached an impressive 3,457 story shares as a school. We hope that the children will continue to share stories with people in their house (or via a video chat!) and we would like to continue to keep a record of this over the next two weeks. If you can, please email me (ksalter@chesterton.oxon.sch.uk) your child's total for the week each Friday (along with their House colour) and I will continue to add up our contribution to the national effort to share stories.

Many thanks and best wishes
Mrs Katy Salter
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