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Weekly Timetables - Term Six
Week fourteen timetable: 13th to 17th July
Week thirteen timetable: 6th to 10th July
Week twelve timetable: 29th June to 3rd July
Week eleven timetable: 22nd to 26th June
Week ten timetable: 15th to 19th June
Week nine timetable: 8th to 12th June
Week eight timetable: 1st to 5th June

Home Learning Week Fourteen
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Thirteen
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Twelve
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Eleven
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Ten
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Nine
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Eight
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Seven
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Six
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Five
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week One
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Two
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Three
Chesterton Primary School
Home Learning Week Four
Chesterton Primary School
Message from Miss Leonard - 8th June
Dear Parents,
Please could you share this link about returning to school with the Maple Class children: Coming to school in a bubble
Weekly Timetables - Term 5
Week seven timetable: 18th to 22nd May
Week six timetable: 11th to 15th May
Week five timetable: 4th to 8th May
Week four timetable: 27th April to 1st May
Week three timetable: 20th to 24th April
Week two timetable: 30th March to 3rd April
Week one timetable: 23rd to 27th March
Maple Weekly - Term 5
Week 7: Mon 18th May to Fri 22nd May
Week 6: Mon 11th May to Fri 15th May
Week 5: Mon 4th May to Fri 8th May
Week 4: Mon 27th April to Fri 1st May
Week 3: Mon 20th April to Fri 24th April
Week 2: Mon 30th March to Fri 3rd April
Week 1: Mon 23rd March to Fri 27th March
Message from Miss Leonard - 18th May
Dear Maple Class,
As we should have been performing our first May Day dances this Wednesday, I thought you might like some music to dance along to at home. This song is called the 'Pat-a-cake Polka'. If you have older brothers or sisters, they can teach you the moves. If not, make up your own dance!
Message from Miss Leonard - 18th May
Hello Maple Class!
I hope that you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to another week of activities.
There are a couple of things that I wanted to share will you all.

Firstly, you are doing an AMAZING job of learning at home. I am so proud of every single one of you and your families for all of the effort your are putting in. I know that everyone if trying their best and doing what they can. If I could, I would move you all up to Gold on the traffic lights!
I have been told about some e-books all about the Coronavirus. If you are still a bit unsure about what it is, or you have any questions about it, then these links might be handy (You will need to create an account to read the stories on Oxford Owls if you don't already have one).
Oxford Owl      Elsa Support      Nosy Crow

Finally, I am going to do some more Zoom chats with you this week. It was lovely to see so many of you on the whole class chat, but it was very busy! I've decided that this week, I will do House Group chats, so Penrose, Jersey, Squire and Buckle can all see each other.
The calls will be on Wednesday 20th at the following times:
Penrose 10am
Jersey 10:30am
Squire 11am
Buckle 11:30am
I will email each house group with the invitation details and some instructions for a game very soon. If you would like to wear your house colour t-shirts for the call, that would be great!

Keep up the fantastic work Maple and I will speak to you again very soon!
Love from Mrs Leonard x
Well Done certificates: w/e 1st May
Cariad - for working particularly hard on her Maths this week using the Mathsfactor website with Carol Vorderman.
Caden - for being up bright and early (and dressed in his school uniform!) on Monday morning, ready to do lots of home learning. He has also been working hard on his handwriting and it looks beautiful!

Message from Miss Leonard - 1st May
Hello Maple Class,
I hope that you are all okay and trying your best with all of the home learning activities. I absolutely love seeing the photos and videos that you send me but I still really miss you!

I am going to be hosting some 1:1 video calls using Zoom on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. That way, we will be able to have a catch up face to face! You don't have to prepare anything special for the call, but it would be nice if you could pick one of your favourite things from the week to talk about. It could be something you have made, a picture you have drawn, a piece of writing or maths that you are proud of. If you can't think of anything to share, don't worry!

Time slots:
Thursday 7th May 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Friday 8th May 9am - 12pm
If you would like to arrange a Zoom call, please email me with a preferred time slot by Wednesday. I will reply asap to confirm/rearrange the requested time slot. On the day, I will send an email that will invite you to join the call. I expect there will be a high demand of call requests to start with, so in order to ensure everyone who wishes to Zoom call with me gets the chance, there will be a maximum call time of 10 minutes. I will not be attending group video calls at the moment.

Other details:
A parent/guardian must be in the room or nearby. If children would prefer an adult to sit with them during the call, that is fine too. The Zoom calls are not compulsory and are completely optional. Therefore, please do not feel obliged to have to arrange one. It is your child's choice. Please find a copy of the Video Chat acceptable use policy which must be read by every member of the household who wishes to attend a video call prior to arranging a meeting with me.

I am really looking forward to seeing you very soon!
Best wishes, Mrs Leonard
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