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Phonics video
Please note: the resources linked below are from Twinkl.
Week Fourteen - wb 13th July

The Messy Magpie

Outdoor phonics challenge cards
Circle That Word
Polysyllabic Word Cards

Bees in the garden halving
Minibeast hotels counting to 20
Minibeast i-spy and add to 20
Recycling count and colour
The messy magpie addition to 10

5 Ways I Can Help Earth
All About Recycling
Recycling Sorting
Recycling pictogram activity

Week Thirteen - wb 6th July

Phase 4 phonics activity booklet
Phase 4 pictures and captions matching


Counting in 10s maze
Counting in 10s number line
Counting in 10s with feet
Counting in 5s hands
Superhero themed Counting in 5s maze
Three little pigs path counting in 2s
Magical number story
Moth counting in 2s maze

I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 4
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5

Week Twelve - wb 29th June

Ear air and ure circle that word
Ure and er Sounds Matching
URE phoneme spotter story
URE words beach scene magnifying glass

Olympics Information Powerpoint
The Olympics Past and Present Powerpoint

Favourite colour pictogram
What's Your Favourite Colour Activity

Things I am good at
Week Eleven - wb 22nd June

AIR Phoneme Roll and Read Mat
AIR phoneme spotter story
AIR read and reveal

Circus Cutting Skills
Circus Photos
Circus Roll and Colour
Circus Themed Counting in 10s Maze

Good Friend Discussion and Sorting Cards
What I want in a friend

Phase 4 tricky words

Week Ten - wb 15th June

EAR phoneme spotter
EAR read and reveal
EAR words beach scene

Hidden Tricky Words
Phase 4 Tricky Word Spotter

Pinocchio Story

Pizza prices activity cards
Pizza toppings counting and addition cards

Rainbow wind chimes outdoor activity
Week Nine - wb 8th June

Maths Summer Term Activity Mats

OI Phoneme Spotter Story
OI Read and Reveal
OW and OI Sounds-Matching

Summer Themed Activity Booklet

Sun Safety Powerpoint
Week Eight - wb 1st June

Conversation Questions
OW phoneme spotter story
OW read and reveal
OW words beach scene
Space I Spy to 20
Solar System cut outs
Space Colouring
Space I Spy and Count Checklist
Space I Spy and Count Answers
Space Sentence Cards
Space Themed Cutting Skills
Space Themed Maths Activity Book
Space themed pencil control
Week Seven - wb 18th May

Beanstalk height ordering
Curly Caterpillar Letter Formation
Name Five Things Game
Phase 3 Yes No Questions
Phoneme Spotter er
Phoneme Spotter ur
Reading er
Reading ur

Week Six - wb 11th May

Animals And Their Young
Grouping Animals
Minibeast hunt checklist
One Armed Robot Letter Formation
or Phoneme Roll and Read
Phase 4 phonics tricky words
Unicorn or phoneme spotter story
What Am I Guessing Game

Week Five - wb 4th May

A-Starry-Eyed-Stan: ebook
Making a Clock Face
May Day Dancing Colouring Sheet
Time of Day Chart
VE Day Colouring Page
Wartime Recipe Booklet
'When' Sorting -Times of the Day
Week Four - wb 27th April

Days and Months Cards
Long and short oo phoneme roll and read
Months of the year seasons
People Who Help Us I Spy and Add to 10
People Who Help Us I Spy and Add to 10 Checklist
People Who Help Us I Spy and Add to 20
People Who Help Us I Spy and Add to 20 Checklist
People Who help us equipment sorting activity
People Who Help Us Fact Sheet for Adults
People Who Help Us Simple Sentence Cards
Thank you key workers colouring posters
Week Three - wb 20th April

Tricky Words Phase 2
Tricky Words Phase 3
Tricky Words Phase 4
Colouring OA
Phoneme Spotter Story OA
Phoneme Real or Nonsense OA
Daily kind acts
Star bonds to 10
Where does chocolate come from?
Week Two - wb 30th March

Easter Story
Easter Story Sequence Cards
Easter Themed Early Writing Activity
Easter Symbols
Emotions activity
Halving cut outs
Bees in the garden halving
Five Senses scavenger hunt
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