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Weekly Timetables - Term Six
Week eight timetable: 1st to 5th June

A Message for Upper School from Miss Barrett - 1st June
I hope you all had a restful half term break. Attached above is the new timetable for next week. The theme is 'Art', as this week was going to be our Art Week in school. It would be great to see photos and videos of what your child has created.

I am now Home Learning lead for Upper School, so if you have any questions regarding Home Learning, please email them to me. Miss Crockett is teaching in school for four days a week so will not be able to respond quickly to emails.

Video Calls
Next Tuesday, there will be Zoom calls for all Year 4 and 5 pupils (both Oak and Apple). To take part, you will need to download Zoom onto a computer or phone and create a free account. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible then.

Upper School Zoom Meeting 1:
Time: June 2nd 10:30-10:50
Pupils Attending: Buckle and Squire House
Theme: Bring a joke to share with the group. Also, remember to prepare your bingo card using Zoom Sheet 1

Upper School Zoom Meeting 2:
Time: June 2nd 11:00-11:20
Pupils Attending: Penrose and Jersey House
Theme: Bring a joke to share with the group. Also, remember to prepare your bingo card using Zoom Sheet 1
Passwords etc via email as usual

Best wishes, Miss Barrett
Home Learning Week Seven
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May Day
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Home Learning Week Six
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Lest We Forget
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Home Learning Week Five
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Home Learning Week Four
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Home Learning Week One
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Home Learning Week Three
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Weekly Timetables - Term Five
Week seven timetable: 18th to 22nd May
Week six timetable: 11th to 15th May
Week five timetable: 4th to 8th May
Week four timetable: 27th April to 1st May
Week three timetable: 20th to 24th April
Week two timetable: 30th March to 3rd April
Week one timetable: 23rd to 27th March
Oak Weekly - Term Five
Week 7: Mon 18th May to Fri 22nd May
Week 6: Mon 11th May to Fri 15th May
Week 5: Mon 4th May to Fri 8th May
Week 4: Mon 27th April to Fri 1st May
Week 3: Mon 20th April to Fri 24th April
Week 2: Mon 30th March to Fri 3rd April
Week 1: Mon 23rd March to Fri 27th March
A message from Miss Crockett - 22nd May
Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for your continued support this week. There have been so many highlights, especially our May Day. Seeing the children in their finest outfits with so many excellent projects was fantastic- I could certainly feel the May Day spirit radiating from my screen! I am going to start putting the video together this weekend so if you have any more photos to send me, please get them to me as soon as possible.

There is no new timetable for next week as it is half term. I hope you find time to stop and relax and I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

With very best wishes,
Miss Crockett
A message from Miss Crockett - 15th May
Dear Parents,
Thanks again for your continued support at home this week. It is so lovely to see all of the wonderful things that the children are up to.
Attached is next week's timetable.

Tuesday's Zoom Meeting
I am looking forward to our next Zoom meeting - Tuesday is quickly becoming by favourite day of the week! I have mixed up the houses for this week's chat so please double check the timings for your child's meeting. They will need a pen and piece of paper for this week's game. Passwords have been sent via email as usual.

1:00-1:30 - Squire and Jersey Meeting
1:45-2:15 - Buckle and Penrose Meeting

May Day
You may notice that the timetable looks a bit different for next week. This is because it includes May Day! Although we can't be in school together, I would still like us to celebrate this important annual school event. Therefore, on Thursday morning at 11:15am we will be having a virtual May Day using Zoom! My plans at the moment are to give children time to share their work and then have a go at the Pat-A-Cake Polka (technology dependent!).

Here at the details:
Dressing up is traditionally part of the fun so I recommend that children wear their 'Sunday best' for the call. Please take lots of photos. I'm hoping to put together an Oak Class May Day Celebrations video.
If the children are able to, they could bring a small posy of spring flowers to present at the meeting. I'm hoping to take a class photo of us all to remember the event.
On Wednesday afternoon of the timetable, children have been asked to complete a May Day themed activity. This can be completed any day before Thursday. The children can then share their work with the class during the Zoom meeting. I have attached a sheet of ideas (May Day Sheet 1) to help to get children started. Cream teas are often enjoyed as part of May Day so if the children would like to bring a treat to eat whilst we are sharing our work, that is fine by me!
And finally… we will be having a May King, May Queen and Jack or Jill of the Green. But who will it be? Find out next Thursday!
To access the meeting, please use the details sent to you via email
A laptop will be set up at school for all three meetings so that those children can join in too.

Have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes, Miss Crockett
A message from Miss Crockett - 8th May
Dear Parents,
I wanted to start by saying thank you for your continued support during this strange time. I have received so many wonderful emails and phone calls, from you and the children, so thank you.
There are a few changes and notices that I wanted to make you aware of. Next week's timetable is above and Zoom information has been sent via email

New Topic
As the War topic has been extremely popular, we have decided to continue the theme in our English lessons this week. Our afternoon lessons are moving on from the Wild West and are now themed on the Tudors. This was a very interesting time in History and I hope your children will enjoy exploring it.

War Poem
The children's English work this week has really blown me away. Thank you to everyone who has sent in extracts and videos for our class poem about the war. They have been excellent and I am really looking forward to putting them together. If you haven't managed to send them in yet, please try to get them to me by the end of today. Thank you.

White Rose
It has been great to hear that White Rose Maths lessons have been helpful for many of you. Unfortunately, as of next week, the resources are no longer free on the website. We have purchased a subscription as a school and therefore the worksheets and answer sheets will now be available on the Oak Home Learning page. They will be live from Monday. The supporting videos will still be available on the White Rose Home Learning section, which can be found here:

Zoom Meeting
Thank you for your help in making the Zoom meeting so successful this week. It was so lovely to see the children's faces again (and yours!). The meetings this week will be a bit different. From 1:00 to 1:30 on Tuesday 12th May, Squire and Penrose will join me for a chat. From 1:45 to 2:15 on Tuesday 12th May, Buckle and Jersey will join me for a chat. This will hopefully give me more time to speak to more children. I plan to mix up the houses each week so the children will get to see different people. Our game this week is Bingo! Please see the Zoom Sheet 1 to get prepared. You are more than welcome to join us! The log in details were also sent via email.

Best wishes, Miss Crockett
A message from Miss Crockett - 1st May
Dear Parents,
I hope you are all well. I wanted to introduce our additional theme, as well as an exciting task that Miss Barrett and I have set. Oak Class video calls will also start next week!

Oak Class War Poem
With the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day being celebrated on Friday 8th May, I wanted to include some war-themed activities on our timetable. Our English lessons this week are therefore based on a very powerful video called: Beyond The Lines. This video really struck Miss Barrett and I and we hope that you and your children enjoy exploring it as much as we did.

By Thursday's lesson, the children are encouraged to write one line of a war poem. My aim is to put their lines together to create a class poem. It would be fantastic if as many children as possible could be a part of our poem - a special way to bring us all together whilst we are apart. The line can be emailed to me to collate. Alternatively, your child could be filmed saying their line. I may then be able to put the video clips together to create a spoken version of the poem.

I understand that not all families are following the timetable and some children will not want to be involved and that is absolutely fine. Please do not feel under any pressure to take part. However, if your child would like to be a part of this special activity, then I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Please email me your lines by 3pm on Friday 8th May. More information can be found on the timetable.

Video Calls
Next Tuesday, at 1:10pm, I will be hosting Oak Class' first Zoom call! The focus of this time is to catch up and talk about some of the things that the children have been up to. Zoom conferencing is not something that I am an expert at (and there will likely be some teething problems!), but I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again.

To take part, you will need to download Zoom onto a computer or phone and create a free account. You can do this here. At 1:10pm on Tuesday, you can then access the meeting using the details sent by the Chesterton office. The call will last for around half an hour.

Before taking part, we would like you to read through the attached Acceptable Use Agreement with your children. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible then.

Best wishes, Miss Crockett
Posted 20th April
Hi Oak, Welcome back!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break, whether you decided to spend the time relaxing, getting active or catching up online with friends and family. I used the time for all three of these things - a quiz online with my friends was one of my highlights, although unfortunately, I didn't win!

This week sees the start of the Summer Term, and a new timetable and resources have been put on the school website for you all. Miss Barrett and I have decided on the theme of 'The Wild West' for the next few weeks and we hope that you will enjoy exploring it.

As always, please keep me updated on what you are doing. I love receiving your emails and am always looking for content for my weekly newsletter. Remember to also email questions if you are finding anything tricky, whether that's with school work or something personal. I am always here to listen.

Enjoy and I look forward to catching up with you all over email soon.
With very best wishes, Miss Crockett
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