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2019 - 2020
Maple Sophie Taunton and Edie Wells

Your Council Chairs for 2019/20
Chesterton CE Primary School
Beech Grace Tingey-Smith and Samuel Couling
Ash Bella Williams, Elissa White and Emin Gurbanov
Year 4 Olivia Morgan-Griffin and Joshua Horseman
Year 5 Jessica Honour and Amelia Hawes

Year 6 Beccy Ellacott and Benji Blakey

Chesterton CE Primary Schoolclick to download POLITE PARKING AND DROPPING OFF PLEASE
The School Council's leaflets that have been designed to encourage safe parking and dropping off near school. The message is also being reinforced by some parent volunteers and Parish Councillors. They are handing out leaflets to the drivers of vehicles parked/waiting unsafely on the yellow zigzag lines outside school, or on the solid white lines to protect junctions and entrances. Local Police have also made visits to monitor the situation.
Parking or dropping off on the yellow zigzag lines, whether before school, at pick up, or when collecting from after-school clubs, causes difficulties for passing traffic but, more importantly, for pedestrians leaving the school site and needing to cross the road. If you do notice any unsafe or inconsiderate parking, please report it to the school office and we will endeavour to follow up wherever possible.

click to downloadLetter from the School Council about Children In Need - November 2017     

Chesterton's School Council is made up from representatives from each class (Reception to Year 6) including reception class. Every child has the opportunity to become a School Council representative and, where possible, we look to recruit children who have not been a member of the school council in previous years. The post is held for a year and ends the following July. At the beginning of the Autumn Term, a child who would like to do the job gives their name to their class teacher; all the children in the class then have the opportunity to vote for their class representatives.

Our School Council gives every child the opportunity to have a say within their school and help decide how it can be made a better place to learn and play.

At the present time, the School Council is supervised by Abigail Grenfell (School Governor) and Miss Regan (Oak Class teacher). However, the aim is that the children run the meetings and take minutes with as little intervention from an adult as possible. The main responsibility for this falls with the Chair and Secretary, who are elected by their fellow School Councillors.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues that have been raised by pupils, staff, the Headteacher and School Governors. The issues are discussed to get an understanding and then taken back by the School Council representative to their class to be discussed and ideas are then reported back at the next meeting. Issues can range from making new rules to ideas for activities and clubs to improvements to the school environment.
The School Council also play a prominent role in organising and promoting charity events such as our MacMillan Coffee afternoon, Children In Need and Comic Relief.

Healthy Selfie Competition - July 2017
Thank you so much for the fantastic response to the School Council Healthy Selfie competition. We apologise that we might not have time to thank you all individually, as there were so many entries! The photos are wonderful and it has been very hard to choose winners. However, we think that we have managed it and will announce the winners in Monday's Collective Worship. In the meantime, there is a huge display of the photos in the school hall so please take a look at all the imaginative ideas. We also hope to upload a selection to the school website soon. Yours sincerely, Bobbie Brelsford School Councillor, Iain Horner Headteacher
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